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SkyTrex Adventure, 6 June, Shah Alam

6 June 2009 (10 am -1pm) - 16 people join this activity. It was a public holiday so lots of people. Now they have a more organized system to run the place.......


Everybody get your ass on the bus now !!!

YK, Edwin, Jessie and her ex-colleagues

May, one of the Skytrex facilitators giving briefing

Sally, one of my Bukit Kiara trekking kaki

Everyone putting on the harness

Too tight !

Group photo

Photography ask everyone to jump.... becareful otherwise the whole platform might collapse!

Joined by another group, total 25 people in one session

Training / Briefing before we begin

KK, Pooi and Heily

KK, a guy that I chat with on the internet

Sally... didn't know she was afraid of heights

Pooi, about to do flying fox

Heily swinging down...

Ok now start the actual Big Thrill course...

Waiting long time

Its pretty high up !



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