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London Christmas 2011

16-30 Dec 2011

Stopover at Doha, Qatar airport

Camel ... souvenirs at Qatar airport

A Mongolian yurt next to London University

First stop, visit to London Museum

Lots of Egyption artifacts

Mummy cats

More mummies

Dead people wrapped up

Hey, this looks just like the one in the Mummy movies

Some roman glass vase ....

Olympic medal designs

Molds for printing

2012 olympic medals...

Walking outside...

Walking long Oxford street... malaysia/singapore cuisine

Paster dinner ! Home cooked food...

Next day Harrods

Food Halls

Food food

Chirstmas decoration at Harrods



Explore upstairs Harrods... nice award winning fish lamp design

Harry Potter Lego

Hermione Granger uniform

Flying shark balloon


Toys level

Shopping for your pets


Harrods at night...

Have some cake

SOHO area

Watch a movie... Another Earth

Natural History Museum .... at South Kensington

All the calcite minerals etc

precious gems

How humans evolved....

Snake skeleton

Deep underwater fish ... preserved in liquid..

Walking around London at night... Big Ben

London Eye


Try some spicy mancurian food...

Portrait gallery

Trafalgar Square

Hungry... have some fish and chips

Little cafe near Leicester Square

Next day breakfast at Caledonian cafe

English Breakfast set + coffee.... only 4 pounds

Come out at Green Park station

No leaves

Buckingham Palace

Monument in front of the Palace

Taking photo of myself...

Everywhere got map.... you are here

Bravarian Village at Hyde Park

Singing moose....

Have some beer



Ducks at the park... no snow in December... global warming

Ice skating ... nice atmosphere... just look and enjoy


Harrods window display

Window display decoration

Back to the underground.... go home..

Next day...hmm... I think I'll go watch some ballet

The Nutcracker at the London Coliseum

From Leicester square can walk to Covent Garden....

Nice big giant balls with disco ball spinning around...

Can eat here...

Giant christmas tree

Next day.. walk around in St James Park

Near Buckingham palace

Home for the ducks

More birds to feed


Photo photo... many many tourist



Walking around exploring some neighbourhood

Walk walk walk


Must be Gordan Ramsay restaurant

Come out Oxford Street.... today is Christmas Eve

Last minute shoppers and tourist

Spiderman web at Regent Street

Picadilly circus..

Dinner ... turkey and pasta and wine

and strawberries

Boxing day, underground strike..so walking around... Kings Cross station

On the way to Angie's house.... from Charring Cross to Petts Wood

About 8 pounds for return ticket

Arrive at Petts wood

Angie and Zoe

Have some snacks

Lunch... bbq sauce spare ribs, dumplings and wan tan mee

Next day, come out at Tower Bridge station

Close up of bridge

Walk to the other side... nice shiny office buildings

Some other tour..

Big English Breakfast set.... + coffee.... business quiet... got 10% discount....

Oh wow... this is The Monument
Build between 1671 to 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London

Spiral staircase ... 311 steps... can get certificate also...

360 view

Me again

Can see St Pauls over there

Ok, decided to take a train to Stratford.. angie said there is a new shopping mall here

Can take another train to Romford to visit uncle but another day

Olympic souvenirs

That's the site for the olympics

Westfield shopping mall at Stratford

Jamie Oliver's restaurant


Ok, back to city.. walking to Regents Park

Walk walk walk walk walk

Ok reach the park... some more ducks

Rose garden

No leaves but many roses


This is the grocery shop where we buy our food

This is the caledonian road train station

Visiting uncle Ben at his office in Romford

Mini computer lab

Infront of romford station

Uncle Ben's favourite chinese restaurant... been eating here since it was opened 15 years ago..

Vege, fried rice and fish

Nice fish

Regular customer

Been in England for 2 weeks and last day only visit him.. hehehe..

Back on the train

Uncle Ben recommend visiting St. Pauls

Ok at St Pauls Cathedral now and there are people camping here to do demonstration

Going againts the government

Big outdoor christmas tree...

Walking on the Millenium Bridge

Ok walk walking

Borough Market ... near London Bridge station




Ok back to the train station

Some shiny buildings

Disco ball christmas tree

Last night in London... walking near Picadilly circus

M&Ms world

Everything M&Ms

So many colours M&Ms

Next day... some biscuits... been eating alot of digestive biscuits with chocolate

Breakfast at a cafe

Arsenal stadium nearby

Flat ... bye bye

Take train to airport... Terminal 4

Qatar Airways, transit in Doha

Wait 13 hours.... hot desert sun in the afternoon

zzzzzz ....

Free area to take a nap.. with security guard to jaga your bags
just submit your boarding pass. A++ for Qatar Airlines 5 star service!

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