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London, UK

(4th - 15th October 2006)
Went to London for a short vacation.

Meet Mum at Heathrow Airport

On the train

First night out in london, impressed by old buildings

Walking around

Art Gallery

Overnight at uncle's apartment in Romford

Mum and Uncle Ben at his office with his car.

Making arrangements ...

Liverpool station

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace


Park with London Eye in the background

Terrorist poster


Westminster Abbey.
All the main tourist attractions are very nearby, can just walk.

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben - 12 o'clock !

Parliament Big Ben

Ice cream

London Eye

Heh heh

Invisible Man.

Thames River

Starting to rain ....

Souvenir shop

Fat bird

Raining raining raining


Princess Diana Memorial


Halloween pumpkins at Harrods food section


Christmas decorations at Harrods

Can't decide what to eat for lunch. Eat KFC, the cheapest !

Walking along Oxford Street

Nice building

Carnaby Street

Meeting up with my cousin, Angie. Waiting for them at Liverpool station. Look at the crowd. Rush hour. There must have been a train delay.

Angie and her hubby Benson. We have dinner in a restaurant serving Malaysian food.

Angie's cat

Angie's cat

Angie's house and the big garden behind her house


Its a sunny day and they are trimming the plants because winter is coming.

Taking me out for a ride in Benson's car.

Somewhere in Greenwich.

Me again

Art and crafts market ....

Eating ice cream at the park in Greenwich

Here it is ... the Greenwich Meridian thing...

Uncle Boon Ben and Aunty Jasmine come to pick me up.

We go pick up mum at her workplace. Its her last day.

Old folks home.

We visit mum's friend, Chin. She cooked dinner for us.

Chin's husband's collection of toy cars and vehicles.

Back to Uncle Ben and Aunty Jasmines house. Aunty Jasmine puts coal in the fireplace.

Jimmy ...

Zacko ..

'Typical English Breakfast' that the English people don't normally eat.

Aunty Jasmine pouring me some Pomegrate juice .

Sunday morning and we go to a 'Boot Sale'. Its something like a Jumble sale where you sell your old stuff.

Boot Sale

We stop by at a sports megastore ...

Polar Fleece. Uncle Ben bought me one, since I didn't have a proper jacket.

Going Shopping

Computer Games

Back in Romford on Monday morning and I'm walking around town by myself.

99p store

Fruit Smooties

Blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, orange juice combo, ... yumm..

Strawberry and cream

Buying All day Bus and Train tickets from the shop below our apartment in Romford.

Statues in london ...

Changing of the guards but this is not Buckingham Palace

Changing of the guards.

Nice pattern ...

Phone booth

This is Downing Street (the prime minister's residence I think)


Mum checking bus schedule


Buying tickets for Les Miserables show

Movie Theatre showing 'World Trade Centre'



Sitting on a boat along Thames River. St. Pauls Cathedral in the background.

Some kind of modern looking building.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Going on a tour in the Tower of London, an old castle where they used to keep prisoners.

Here's where they store the Crown Jewels.

Ravens with clipped wings.

Prisoners carvings on the walls



Up on a hill where they used to chop off people's heads ..

Evening and lots of people ..

Evening and lots of people ..

Coming out from Les Miserables theatre. Very good ...


Canary Wharf, where they have the taller modern looking buildings.

Raining Raining

A slide at the art centre. People can slide down with a Guni sack.

Art art art ... mostly modern art stuff that nobody can understand ...

Madame Tussauds. Wax figure of Samual L Jackson

Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Incredible Hulk

Steven Spielberg

ha ha ha

Colin Farrell



M eeting up with Angie and Benson for dinner.

Food ... roast duck, vegetable with 'malay' sauce (belacan), toufu

Ice Cream !!!... muahhahahahah

On the way to St Pauls ..... nice fountain ....

St Paul's Cathedral. All the buildings around London cannot be build higher than this.

British Museum

British Museum. This must be where they store all the artifacts that the British stole from the countries that they ruled back in the old days.... hmmmm... even the Egyptian stuff are here ...

Pieces from the Parthenon ... the old building in Athens.

Pieces from the Parthenon

The Rossetta Stone !!! .. the last time I remember seeing this was in my Sejarah text book

Asian Artifacts

Nice Museum

Ok, last photo in London next to the art gallery where I saw some Picasso paintings.

Having some Pie and Mash potatoes in romford

Bye bye ..

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