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Sungai Chilling waterfall, Malaysia

Community service message: Please help to conserve the environment. As more and more people visit these places every week, we need to be more careful to conserve the plants and vegetation. Please educate your friends. Pick up rubbish, keep your own rubbish, don't throw everywhere. Set a good example....
"Kebersihan alam sekitar adalah tanggungjawab bersama"
"Sungai adalah sumber kehidupan ..."

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20 June, 2009

Ulu Yam dam ?

Meet up at Kuala Kubu Baru for breakfast

Shoo Chan finds the curry mee too spicy

Wan Tan Mee

Nasi Lemak

Proceed to Sg Chilling

Park by the side of the road

Walk to the entrance

Santuary ikan Sungai chilling

Short walk and we arrive at the registration office

Su Ping


Start trekking

Most part of the trail is wet


Another big group ......

Time to get wet.... cross the river

Rescue Team.......

Another river to cross

NG looking at termites

Walking up to the view point


Saw Hoon taking photos

Who wants to jump down ..... ?

Heily, Shoo Chan and Kelly

Me on a rock......

Trek a bit more to reach the waterfall picnic area....

Start eating your pack lunch

Whoo hooo.......

Me again......

Go and swim...

Trekking back

Another favourite spot where the kids can play

Su Ping and Kelly

Ok, finish.... sign out....

Sg. Chilling Map

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