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Cameron Highlands Equatorial

15 - 16 January 2011 - Cameron Highlands, overnight at Equatorial Hotel, and Jasar trek in the next day.

Stop at Bidor for lunch

Chicken rice

On the way up cameron highlands, have some durians...

Choose which durian to open..

Kids playing at the waterfall

Stop for some nice scenery

Tea plantation

Have some scones

and BOH tea

Boh tea factory

Check in to our hotel room... nice

Nice view also

Ugly construction site

Time to look for food... pasar malam jam

Wait, stop at smokehouse first....


Nice garden

Take some photos here first

Nice place to have a cup of tea

Nice flowers...

Can stay here

More flowers

Ok, makan... steamboat .. organic vegetables

Wait for food to cook


Walking around the pasar malam.. sweet potatoes

Honey comb snack

More and more strawberries

Kaya balls

Potato balls.. pumpkin balls

Apom ?

Ok, next morning... prepare for trekking

Tan Camelia garden

Jasar trek... up and up

Taking a break

Its just up there.. abit more


Some view

Up and up

Some more cloudy view

a few more meters to go...

Ok, reach Jasar peak

Back down

Shop for some fruits and vegetables

Shop here better than pasar malam

Dinner time, fried fish with kerabu

Yummy yummy... fresh vege from cameron highlands

Restoran Tringkap

Stop at another teahouse

Close up of the tea plantation

Looking for strawberry strudel... wrong stop

Must be this one

Recommended by Chia's friend

Also got some other souvenirs like chocolate

Nice place to have some tea

Everybody have some strawberry strudel

Looks good... taste ok...

Drive down to Ipoh

Ipoh food... yummy... no more egg tarts

Kaya toast and old town coffee .. origin.

Ok bye bye...

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