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Batu Arang and Ben's Farm in Sungai Buluh

13, December 2008 - For more info about Batu Arang go here

Batu Arang... small town... a coal mining town in Selangor .. also making bricks ...

Balai Polis Batu Arang

Meet up with Ben and start trekking ...

Ben shows us around the area, need a Mat Salleh to show us locals around ...

Applying some antiseptic for the leech bites

Damn leeches ...

Hands up!

Mini pitcher plants

Somewhere in Robin Hood's forest ...


Ciku orchard



A pack of dogs... ready to attack ...

The giant and the elf


Leaving Batu Arang town ...

Inside ben's jeep

Going to Ijok for lunch ...

Arrive in Ben's farm in Sungai Buluh

Ben and one of his workers


These dogs are from Australia

Ben brings a young goat for us to have a look

This sheep is kept for the wool

They also have chickens (see little chick in Jessie's hand)

Put the chick back...

After that went to have ice kacang and porridge in Desa Aman Puri near Kelly's place

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