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Bangkok, Thailand

(1st - 6th March 2007)
Another trip with my 'Travel Buddies'

Arrive at Bangkok's new Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Taking the airport bus to Sukumvit.

Met up with Shoo Chan and Chia. Walk around in Bangkok.

Looking for food.

'Bangkok Eye' ? We also have a giant ferris wheel in Kuala Lumpur.

The portrait of the King is everywhere.

Our tour guide explaining something.

We are now at Bang Pa In, summer palace of the kings of Thailand,
with its mixture of Thai, Chinese and Gothic architecture

Elephant bush ...

Chinese architecture at Bang Pa In

Chinese Temple

One of the attractions in the ancient city of Ayutthaya.

Chedis, monastery ... in Ayutthaya

Buddhas have been chopped up by ancient souvenir hunters, some of them looking for gold hidden in Buddha statues.

Elephant ride.

The famous thing in this temple is the Face of the Buddha
with a tree growing around it.

Old temple ruins.

Back to Bangkok after the tour.

In front of our Hostel in Sukhumvit 25.

Food ...

Yummy, trying out the roadside foodstalls... noodle soup with pork satay, and
otak -otak.

3 of us sharing the food. Its only tea time.

Walking around Bangkok, shopping area.

Meet up with Maneerath after work.

Dinner at Cabbages and Condoms restaurant.

Nice place... cheers!


Condoms used in a creative way ..... hmmm.. lampshades ..

condom umbrella

Next day, on the way to Kanchanaburi. Crossing Chao Phraya River.

Maneerath and her brother rented a car for our trip to Kanchanaburi.



Breakfast .. trying out the different types of 'Kuih' (cakes)

Maneerath and her younger brother at the train station, getting train tickets.

Death Railway(World War 2 history stuff)... The Bridge on the River Kwai
Many war prisoners and laborers died building the railway track because they were forced to work under appaling and inhumane conditions.

Photo shoot ...

Here comes the train ...

Numerous stalls selling souvenirs, t-shirts etc.

Time to get on the train.


Food on the train... yummy


This part of the railway tracks where it curves, its a good opportunity to take photo.

Hellfire Pass museum / memorial ... we learn about the suffering of the thousands of POW and labourers that built this railway track for the Japanese army during World War 2.

On the way to Tiger Temple.

Line up and take turns to quickly take pictures with the tigers. I can't wear my pink shirt otherwise the tiger will eat me.

Zzzzz ....

Maneerath and the tiger.

Big pussy cat ...

Ok its time for the tigers to go home ...

Tiger cubs.

Wild Boar ... piggy piggy ..

Tourists looking at all the animals ... horses, deer, cows, wild boar, peacocks ...etc..

Walking around a Buddhist temple ...

Walking around a Buddhist temple ...

Walking around a Buddhist temple ...


Group photo ..

River Kwai Bridge .. the view from the restaurant ...

Time to eat more Thai Food .. Tom Yam Kung ...etc

Help yourselves to some bananas

Next morning ...

Another war cemetary in the middle of town.


On the way back to Bangkok, stop to buy snacks.

Another temple ...


Pork ... we bought some 'Siew Yok'

Back in Sukhumvit hostel, thanks to Maneerath and her brother.


Chatuchak Weekend market.

Coconut ice cream. Hmmm .. how come they don't have this in Malaysia.

Porridge dinner in Chinatown.


Next day, we take a half day tour to floating market. Our guide showing us some 'fighting fish' at the coconut suger factory ..

Busloads and busloads of tourists !!!!!

Group photo.

Floating Market

Traffic Jam. Keep your fingers in the boat or it will get squashed...

Me again ....

Walking around

Stop at handicraft centre ...

Handicraft centre ..

Bangkok Grand Palace Statues

Bangkok Grand Palace Statues

Close up of the designs on the palace / temples

Close up of the designs on the palace / temples


Bangkok Grand Palace

Bangkok Grand Palace. Mixture of Thai and European architecture.

Bangkok Wat Pho Reclining Buddha

Taking a ferry

Chao Phraya River

Aerobics at the park

Dinner at Mango Tree

Shoo Chan trying out the foot massage

Me and the Thai Massage lady.


Lunch before we leave and go to the airport. Durian and rice dessert.

The new airport.


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