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Bukit Angsi, Negeri Sembilan

Community service message: Please help to conserve the environment. As more and more people visit these places every week, we need to be more careful to conserve the plants and vegetation. Please educate your friends. Pick up rubbish, keep your own rubbish, don't throw everywhere. Set a good example....
"Kebersihan alam sekitar adalah tanggungjawab bersama"
"Sungai adalah sumber kehidupan ..."

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Elevation (feet): 2707
Elevation (meters): 825
Country: Malaysia

Sunday, 20 May 2007
Via Ulu Bendul Recreation Park



Short break

Tara waiting for people...

Section that we had to climb with ropes

Chia peace

Yay .. reach the summit.. time for lunch

Going back down before it starts to rain.


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